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Benefits to Charms Participants


Provides a demonstrable opportunity to:

  • Focus on operational and strategic issues simultaneously;

  • Understand the dynamics of team interaction and its effect on the quality and timeliness of decisions;

  • Comprehend the human resources skills needed for an organization to identify and sustain its mission;

  • Resolve a variety of critical incidents (e.g., organizational politics, ethics in the workplace, salary ultimatums) that can make or break a manager;

  • Evaluate both personal and team managerial effectiveness.

"Charms was challenging and aided me in learning about adapting to change , working with others, and managing time."

Assistant Marketing Manager (Middle Manager Training Program, Denmark)
"The simulation required tasks and involvement which was in many ways like my daily job. It was all worth the effort and very rewarding."

Production Supervisor (Professional Development Program, USA)