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Program Developer


Emeritus Professor William J. Wasmuth is a Cornell Faculty member who has developed three management simulations, including CHARMS. He has written three textbooks in human resources management, effective supervision, and organizational strategies for managing change. He has also conducted the CHARMS program world-wide in eleven countries and has trained others to be CHARMS coordinators in Denmark, France, New Zealand, and the United States.

Program Availability

Although the setting of CHARMS is in the hospitality service industry it is very applicable for profit, non-profit, and academic settings. Due to the complexity of CHARMS, it is only available initially on established sites coordinated by licensed trainers. Such trainers, having first experienced CHARMS as a participant, subsequently undergo two additional training of trainer sessions to master content and process issues. Organizations which utilize this training of trainers approach can thereby multiply their human resources skills and management development benefits as well as generate income by becoming a licensed provider of CHARMS.