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Program Focus

Through an interactive and innovative service industry simulation, CHARMS develops managers' ability to think strategically. Participants, working in teams, are given the opportunity to integrate human resources policies and decisions with marketing, production, and finance to improve organizational performance.

The program compresses into twenty hours the operational and financial results of managing a hospitality organization over one year. The participants receive immediate feedback on the effectiveness of their short run and long run decisions.

Topics Include

In the simulated environment of CHARMS, the impact of team actions is reported in concrete terms through the movement of performance indicators and their interrelationships which reflect the overall health of the organization. The include:

Quality of Worklife


Employee and Staff Retention

Customer Satisfaction

Employee Productivity

Job Demands vs. Skill Levels

Quality Improvement

Internal Control

The Bottom-Line (Profit and Loss)

Discovery Learning

The insights gained through the simulation's process of discovery through learning become more vivid and are more readily transferrable to the manager's daily role than traditional classroom teaching. Also, the fast pace and competitive group dynamics makes CHARMS a challenging and "fun" experience.

"The simulation was cleverly designed as a gradual and enjoyable learning process which was easy to understand without complex theories. We were encouraged to discover and resolve the problems with our team members."

Human Resources Manager (Professional Development Program, The Netherlands)

Bonus Outcomes

Participants gain very realistic general management experience and learn from mistakes without the true cost risks. This big picture approach also provides a strong carryover to the "real world" including cross-cultural comparisons.

"I found the simulation to be an efficient way to integrate all aspects of a business. The critical incidents and memos were very close to reality."

Assistant Manager (Management Development Program, USA)

"Transferring the CHARMS model from the USA to another culture was a very informative and useful experience."

Operations Manager (Management Seminar, France)

Charms Client Companies

The CHARMS simulation has been used to improve the performance of managers in leading service corporations for more than twelve years. Non-hospitality client companies include such international firms as International Service Systems (Denmark), and the Holland Beton Groupe (The Netherlands). Hospitality firms which have used CHARMS have included Inter-Continental , Canadian National Hotels, and Hilton International. Also, hundreds of hospitality industry professionals have participated in CHARMS as part of Cornell Hotel School's Anheuser-Busch Professional Development Program.

Benefits to the Organization & Career Development Needs

CHARMS can function as a diagnostic tool for an organization allowing it to identify the need for further development in such areas as:

Problem identification and problem solving

Effective communication and persuasion


Time management

Strategies for conflict resolution

Leadership training

Interdepartment coordination and cooperation

Minimizing resistance to change

Dealing with cross-cultural diversity

"CHARMS helped me develop strategies to cope with increased customer pressure for better quality and value."

Sales Manager (Professional Development Program, USA)

"CHARMS put into focus that each unit of an organization needs to work cooperatively to achieve best results and resolve "turf" battles. We are only as strong as our weakest link."

General Manager (Strategic Planning Program, USA)

Benefits to Charms Participants

Provides a demonstrable opportunity to:

Focus on operational and strategic issues simultaneously;

Understand the dynamics of team interaction and its effect on the quality and timeliness of decisions;

Comprehend the human resources skills needed for an organization to identify and sustain its mission;

Resolve a variety of critical incidents (e.g., organizational politics, ethics in the workplace, salary ultimatums) that can make or break a manger;

Evaluate both personal and team managerial effectiveness.

"Charms was challenging and aided me in learning about adapting to change , working with others, and managing time."

Assistant Marketing Manager (Middle Manager Training Program, Denmark)

"The simulation required tasks and involvement which was in many ways like my daily job. It was ell worth the effort and very rewarding."

Production Supervisor (Professional Development Program, USA)

Who Should Participate

The appropriate organizational levels for industry participants in CHARMS include managers, department heads, administrators, staff specialists, supervisors, trainees, and others who have managerial accountability and responsibility.